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Hope and Help Center inspires, equips and mobilizes people to take action against HIV/AIDS.


In 1988, a deadly new disease was taking the lives of thousands and no one knew what it was or why. The victims had nowhere to turn for answers, had no information and no one to help them.

Answers are not typically found in basements (unless the question is "Where’s that weird noise coming from?"), but somehow a world of compassion was created in the bottom of a local church. Other community leaders got word of what was happening and started volunteering their time to the cause. The Hope and Help Center of Central Florida was officially born.

In 1989, the Hope and Help Center was approved as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Since then, it has evolved along with the HIV/AIDS epidemic and now practices as a diverse agency that is able to equip minority communities with the services they need.

Located in Orlando, Florida, the Hope and Help Center provides interested and affected individuals with program assistance in areas such as case management, peer support services, emergency food pantry and more.

As long as there is a need in the community, Hope and Help pledges to advocate for anyone who requires its assistance. We are dedicated to leading the way toward a better, happier and healthier future. And to quieting those weird basement noises through education, understanding and support.

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