Are you aware that Florida ranks #1 in the entire nation for most new HIV transmissions?  Or how about Orlando ranking #2 out of all the cities in the nation for having the most new HIV cases?  One of the biggest reasons for these statistics is access to quality, affordable health care.  Giving and philanthropy at Hope & Help is all about the impact of access to quality, affordable health care on people and communities.  Your financial gift strengthens our ability to reach more and more people with much needed health care services and provisions for basic human needs, like food and housing.


To end the HIV/STI epidemic in Florida through comprehensive health education, prevention, testing, and treatment.


The goal of fundraising at Hope & Help is to raise financial support for our health programs and services that are focused on stopping the spread of HIV/STIs.  In order to fulfill our mission, we must acknowledge the conditions under which HIV/STIs often become prevalent in our communities.  In other words, through our programs and services, we address the basic human needs of people with HIV and those who are at risk. 


Our objective is to remove all the barriers that prevent people from accessing HIV/STI education, preventative resources, testing, treatment, and other forms of support.  These barriers can include food insecurity, housing, unemployment, unhealthy relationships, and mental health, for example.  These, and other barriers, are just a few of the situations that may contribute to HIV/STI transmissions.  But, for many of the people we serve, these are the life challenges that affect them.  As a result, it is incumbent upon Hope & Help to address the issue of HIV/STIs transmissions and the conditions under which they may come about.


Our fundraising priorities reflect the needs of our patients and communities.  The challenges affecting the proliferation of HIV/STIs are vast.  This is why our fundraising priorities focus on ending the HIV/STI epidemic in a multitude of ways.



We're committed to creating opportunities for all people and communities to have and maintain access to quality, affordable health care.



We're committed to providing programs and services that promote health and wellness in every kind of family unit.



We're committed to educating communities about the importance and value of wellness, independence, and purposeful decision-making. 



We're committed to stopping hunger and food insecurity so that patients and communities can focus on their health and well-being.



We're committed to ensuring that our patients and communities have adequate shelter in order to reduce the barriers to accessing health care.

Free healthcare in Orlando FL

your giving at work


If you're asking yourself, "why should I donate to Hope & Help?" the answer is simple - you want to create a world in which everyone is always in the best of health.  We have many giving and partnership opportunities.  Supports Hope & Help's youth health education programs and services to empower youths aged 13-17 years old with HIV and STI preventative resources.

how to fundraise with us

Whatever you're giving interests are, there's likely a service or program at Hope & Help that you can support.  We have many ways for you to partner with us.  Consider hosting a non-perishable food drive, or connecting


Programs You Can Support 

  1. Hope & Help Annual Fund - a general fund that supports all programs and services.

  2. AIDS Walk Orlando - an annual fundraising event that supports HIV/STI prevention, education, and testing for youths and young adults.

  3. Annual World AIDS Day Breakfast - a program that funds Hope & Help Support Groups.

  4. Health Education & Outreach - a program that promotes HIV/STI prevention for people at risk for HIV and those who have fallen out of HIV medical care. 

  5. Food Pantry - an essential service for all our patients experiencing food insecurity.

  6. Housing - a program dedicated to providing rental and housing assistance for with HIV.

Other Ways to Support Us

  1. Amazon Smile - Be sure that you exclusively use for all your Amazon purchases.  Select "Hope and Help Center of Central Florida, Inc." as your charity of choice and each time you make an eligible purchase, Amazon will donate a percentage of their profit to us.  The best part is it won't cost you a thing!

  2. Employer Matching - Ask your supervisor, community outreach liaison, or human resources representative about making a corporate gift to match your gift.

  3. Corporate Partnerships - Sponsor a Hope & Help fundraising event or underwrite one of our programs or services.


Every financial and in-kind gift to Hope & Help stays right here in our communities and assists those in need of our health care services.  We use donor funds to operate health education, prevention, outreach, testing, and treatment services.  Any and everyone in need has access to compassion and care at Hope & Help, regardless if they have health insurance or not.


We're constantly thinking of new ways to serve the ever-evolving health needs of our communities.  In fact, just in the last three years, we've implemented several new programs, including Telehealth, Mental Health Counseling, the Syringe Service Program, and In-Home HIV/STI Testing.  Your financial gift makes it possible for Hope & Help to perfect the existing and develop new services that not only get people tested and treated, but keeps them focused on improving total wellness for the mind, body, and soul.


Hope & Help is a registered 501(c)3 not-for-profit health organization and medical clinic that prides itself on being transparent in all fundraising practices.  It's the giver that makes the real community impact at Hope & Help.  Your financial gift goes directly to affect the most important bottom line - improving of patient health.  All gifts are tax-deductible to the extent of the law.  Thank you for your continued support!



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