Living with HIV or Hepatitis C is easier with Hope & Help in your corner.


Ryan White Case Management

The Ryan White Program is a federally funded project that provides HIV related services for people living with HIV who do not have sufficient health care coverage or financial resources.  Hope & Help participates in the Ryan White Program and offers hands-on support for people living with HIV in the Orlando

PEER Mentorship & Support

Whether you find it difficult going to your medical appointments, understanding your lab work, or you simply need to talk to someone who can relate, find comfort and gain wisdom in handling life's challenges through PEER Mentorship & Support at Hope & Help.

Food Assistance

The last thing anyone living with HIV should worry about is what's for dinner.  That's why in addition to ensuring your medical and socio-emotional are met, Hope & Help provides clients with food assistance from the Hope & Help Food Pantry.  Clients and patients are eligible for up to four (4) nutritious food baskets, complete with frozen meat, per month.  The Hope & Help Food Pantry is made possible with contributions from the MAC AIDS Fund, City of Orlando, and Synchrony Financial.

Pharmaceutical Assistance

Living with HIV shouldn't mean that you have to break the bank.  As a client, Hope & Help connects you with low-cost pharmacy resources and makes dealing with insurance providers easy so that you can get your medications quick and consistently.