At Hope & Help, we offer free STD Testing in Orlando, FL, in our health center.

Backed by decades of empowerment, we strive to continue our mission in decreasing the spread of STDs. Our medical practitioners provide free testings and assess your health status to put you on the path to a healthier lifestyle. We are committed to educating the Orlando, FL, community on how to prevent STD's and providing resources to every individual that walks through our doors. Our team of health practitioners strives to offer the best support, regardless of your status. Hope & Help STD testing is free and confidential, with results on the same day. For free STD testing in Orlando, contact Hope & Help today. 


  1. To begin your Free HIV Test, you will first complete a confidential Consent Form.

  2. A quality-trained Health Educator will administer a Free HIV Test by first cleaning, then poking your finger with a lancet, and collecting a small sample of blood.

  3. The Health Educator will add your blood sample to the test solution, which searches for HIV antibodies in your blood.

  4. The Health Educator will collect some personal information from you and provide a personalized Risk Reduction Strategy also known as Safer Sex Practices.

  5. Screening results will be available within 15 minutes.

  6. If your screening result is Non-Reactive (HIV-Negative), the Health Educator will provide you with safer sex literature and free condoms.  Your Health Educator will also advise you on when to return for your next screening.

  7. If your screening result is Reactive (HIV-Positive), the Health Educator will administer an additional Confirmatory HIV Test by drawing blood from your vein and then submit it to the laboratory for further examination.  In the interim, the Health Educator and a Linkage Team Member will assist you with getting connected to resources relative to an HIV-Positive screening result, including additional support you may need.